Rejuvenation. Healing. Transformation. The Spa is rooted deeply into the ecology of this unspoiled barrier island. Inspired by Atlantic waters and treatments using water, sight, sound and touch to enliven the senses, to soothing natural stone and wood of its design- the newly reimagined Spa imparts deep sense of place and serenity.

You’ll find a holistic experience that helps you recover your center. Whether you seek just a casual day of beauty or makeover for a milestone; whether your body yearns for the relief of a full-body treatment, the bonding moment of a couples treatment, hydrotherapy, heat/sauna, facials and advanced rejuvenating therapies or seek to radiate inner beauty through yoga, meditation and spiritual exploration or some combination of all of these, our experts are present to guide you. With your choice of more than 100 wellness and age-defying treatments, for a moment or a day at the newly reimagined Spa, you’ll forget the outside world and focus on yourself.